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Re: Advice Sought: fvwm95 changes users resource filename

On Tue, 4 Mar 1997, Kenneth MacDonald wrote:

> Dear All,

> However, this upstream version has changed the name of the resource
> files, both in /etc and in users' home directories.  I can handle the
> changed filenames under /etc, but am seeking some advice as how I
> should let people know that the users' ~/.fvwm2rc95 should be changed
> to ~/.fvwm95rc?

> I propose issuing a statement in the postinst, and pausing for a key
> stroke as acknowldgement.  The system administrator could then decide
> whether users's files should be renamed or not.

yhhmm. I'm against this - user's files are supposed to be holy. 
put a note in Readme.DEBIAN and changelog instead, that users will have to
change their setup, because the message will appear to the new installers as

> Then again, I'd hate it if I suddenly logged on to find my carefully
> configured window manager was back to plain default again (although
> the new default is, IMHO good - thanks to Joost's menu package!)

If somebody is smart enough to do his own menus, he will be smart enough
to check the changelog. Ofcourse, this won't be true to all...

> Speak up now, and help me with this issue.  Is now the right time to
> make this change?

Backward compatability problems are a bitch, but there is no other way
than future now. 

Riku Voipio

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