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Re: Bad Maintainer Addresses

Brian C. White:
>    jeh22@cornell.edu

This was my address, but the account was unexpectedly cut off.

>    multimedia              Joey Hess <jeh22@cornell.edu>
> These people should upload new versions of these packages with correct
> email addresses.

This package is obsolete, and has been replaced by mctools-lite, which does
have my proper address on it. The multimedia package will not appear in bo, 
so I won't bother uploading a new version. 
#!/usr/bin/perl -i=-/*/~%*~%/~~%/~~~-/*/_/=~~~-/====~~! # joey@kite.ml.org
$o=35;$_="$^I-*!=====_!/";s/~/!*/g;s~%~-/ / ~g;$_.='---      Joey Hess
';s/=/__/g;y|*!| \\|;for(split/-/){print' 'x$o--."$_\n"}# a M.C. Escher fan
               "true - do nothing, successfully" - - true (1)

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