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Re: Abuse bug being ignored.

> perhaps split it into sabuse and xabuse packages? coz when it comes to
> gamez, I really do prefer the console.  I waited till squake came out to
> install quake on my linux box f'rinstance.  Not all of us have pentiums =)

Well, that's a possibility. If svga abuse ever gets working again, I'll
consider doing that.
> Ok.  I will compile the 2.0.0 kernel and see if it works with that.  But
> as far as reinstalling redhat.... I no longer have the cdrom.  I only have
> the latest redhat from infomagic.  And Ive got my system so upgraded under
> debian, I dread reinstalling another distro just to check this.

Don't bother. Redhat removed abuse from their distribution after version
3.0.3. From other messages in this thread, it seems that 3.0.3 was the last
redhat release to have a 1.2 kernel in it, so I'd guess abuse stopped
working after that, and they removed it.

> > kernel since then that broke abuse. I have reported this to crack dot com. I
> > don't know much else to do.
> Have you gotten any reply to them?  It seems strange that they, at the
> very least, havent compiled abuse to use elf libs.  Maybe a recompile is
> all thats needed to fix the mouse problem, eh?

I haven't gotten any mail back yet. I have a feeling Crack is working on
other things and doesn't want to spare time for abuse any more. Which is a

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