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Re: device files

On Fri, 28 Mar 1997, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:

> hy.
> a) which packages holds the /dev/ devices ? 

As I understand it, currently none. The base disks are provided with
/dev/* by running MAKEDEV on it.
> b) should other packages create new devices in /dev/ or should theese
> devices go in the package with all other devices ? i'm going to maintain 
> isdnutils...

I don't know what the "policy" is on creating new devices via package
installation, but, when carefully concidered, I can't see any reason to
avoid it. The makedev package controls what devices are constructable via
/etc/devinfo and although this file is certainly modifiable by the system
administrator, but I don't think that a package should modify it. This
keeps the devices that a package can create under the control of the
makedev package. Since makedev is part of the base system it will always
be available (under normal circumstances) for other packages to use. So,
as long as a package doesn't modify devinfo it should be able to create

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