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Re: IMPORTANT: What can we do about the base package?

bcwhite@verisim.com (Brian C. White)  wrote on 01.03.97 in <33188187.681B969D@verisim.com>:

> > The next release will obsolete the base package. Some stuff will go into
> > base-files, some stuff will go into base-passwd, and some stuff will go
> > into no package at all.
> I understand that dpkg will remove a package if all of its files are
> provided by other packages.
> Will the smaller packages not encompass all of the files in the current
> base package?  If not, could we just create zero length dummy files in
> them that can be removed at in a later release?

All of this was completely explained in my mail, the one you quote from  
above. I don't feel like repeating myself.

MfG Kai

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