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Abuse bug being ignored.

This bug has been around for year at least.  I thought I would give abuse
a whirl yesterday, thinking that with the passage of time this package
might have been fixed.

A)  aout-svgalib SHOULD be a dependency, since it cant even run without

B)  so, since I have prior experience, I install svgalib-aout.  Now my
mouse dosnt work.  Its a standard as it gets M$ mouse, which the docs SAY
is the default, so I dont need to worry about any vgalib.conf or whatever
the file is called...  The mouse pointer appears, I get the color screen
where I can adjust brightness and stuff..... but the mouse doesnt move.
At all.

I would like to say I think you guys have done an awesome job.  Ive been
using debian for ages and wont switch to anything else.  So please dont
think Im trying to be harsh or anything.  I just cant help wondering why
abuse works with no problem in RedHat.  Is the package maintainer for
abuse still around?  It would really be nice for this package to actually

Transcript follows:


$ abuse
 Abuse (Engine Version 1.10)
SNDDRV : Unable to open /dev/dsp, sound effects disabled
sound effects driver returned failure, sound effects disabled
Added himem block (4000000 bytes)
Specs : main file set to abuse.spe
Lisp : 501 symbols defined, 99 system functions, 295 pre-compiled
Lisp : (load "abuse.lsp") [.....................................  ]
Lisp : tmp space resized to 16384
engine : registering base graphics
getting light tables
Using Cirrus Logic GD542x/3x driver (5434, 1024K).
Warning : env variable MOUSE_TYPE not defined, set to :
  *if* you do not have a MS compatiable mouse
die 17
net driver : cleaning up
svgalib: Signal 2: Interrupt received (ctrl-c pressed).


I hope someone will shed some light on this, and if I can help, let me
know.   Happy linuxing,

Jonathan Walther

maintainer of the #LinuxOS channel on EFnet IRC network homepage

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