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Re: dpkg support for teams (From: 'debian-doc mailing list exists')

Christian wrote:

> However, I really like the idea of a "Co-Maintainer" (I think we called
> this person "Backup-Maintainer" in recent discussions). What about this:
> - - Every package must have exactly one person as "Maintainer". This person
> is listed as "Maintainer" in the package control information. The only
> exception are "orphaned packages", i.e. packages that do currently have no
> maintainer. They list the "Debian QA Mailing List" as maintainer.
> - - Every package can have several "Co-Maintainers". The intention of a
> co-maintainer is to help the maintainer with important decisions (for
> example compatibility issues with new upstream versions), to test the
> package (and the source package!), and do interim releases if the
> maintainer does not have the time or is not reachable. The co-maintainers
> are listed in a special field called "Co-Maintainers" of the control
> file, multiple names and email addresses can be seperated through commas
> (,). It's also possible that a mailing list is mentioned as
> "Co-Maintainer". 

I like this idea.

When we print collector cards of the maintainers (like hockey cards), 
we could give them two points for every package they maintain, and 
one point (an assist) for every Co-Maintainer credit they have.  



 - Jim

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