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Re: Bash 2.0 Problems

stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk (Steve McIntyre) writes:

> 1) It now seems to escape tab-completed filenames properly (previous
> versions had problems doing this)

It escapes them with backslashes instead of quoting the filename.  I
agree that this works much better.

> 2) Multi-line scripts written on the command line are automatically
> wrapped into a single line when recalled using command history.  This is
> IMHO a gorgeous feature... 

That feature has always been there, but now it's on by default.  (The
way to turn this on has changed, however.  The old way is `set
command_oriented_history', and the new way is `shopt -s cmdhist'.)

The full list of changes is extremely long, and is in

I would prefer to go with bash 2.0 in Debian 1.3.  In lieu of a
working Breaks line, I can check for important programs which break in
the bash preinst, and refuse to install.  Should I do this?  So far, I
know of dpkg and sysklogd 1.3-14.


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