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Re: fvwm95 gratuitously reconfigures system

'Kenneth MacDonald wrote:'
>Thanks for your input on this topic.  I, personally think that fvwm95
>should make itself the default window manager, since anyone (in my
>expierence) who wants another window manager is already an experienced
>unix user, and is happy to edit the /etc/X11/window-managers file.

Ugh, yuk.

Perhaps each window manager could ask a question similar to
mime-support's "priority" regarding which window manager one wants.  Of
course, this question would only be asked once on initial install.

Does xbase support a mechanism like install-info or install-mime for
adding a window manager to /etc/X11/window-managers?  Should it?

BTW, I think install-info is one of our coolest features.  Ever try
running info on Red Hat 3.x?  install-mime is harsher on the novice
(or even the experienced admin) because of its annoying UI.

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