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Re: Icon sizes for menus

Michael Shields <shields@crosslink.net> writes:
> Are the window managers smart enough to look for `foo/bar' in the
> IconPath (/usr/lib/a/foo/bar, /usr/lib/b/foo/bar) if ./foo/bar doesn't
> exist?

I've tried with my development version of fvwm95_2.0.43a.deb and it
works.  I have

"PixmapPath: /usr/include/X11/pixmaps/:/home/kenny/include/X11/pixmaps"

and in ~/.menu/local.menus

'X11 / local.modem fvwm95/win31_phone.xpm "Modem"'

which pics up the win31_phone.xpm file from

No need for a more complex (Pixmap|Icon)Path in fvwm95. I can't say
for the other window managers.  One thing I noticed is that if the
pixmap is not readable (e.g. doesn't exist), the the character string
with the pathname is left in the menu entry.  I'll have a go at
stripping that out.

Best wishes,


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