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Re: ftp.debian.org files that could/should be moved

cjf@netaxs.com (Chris Fearnley)  wrote on 08.03.97 in <199703080509.AAA01171@unix3.netaxs.com>:

> 'Richard Kaszeta wrote:'

> >>net/ppp_2.2.0f-23.deb                   ->     comm?
> >>net/diald_0.16-6.deb                    ->     comm?
> >
> >I think these should stay in net, since they have more to do with
> >networking software (by providing a transport mechanism) than they do
> >with comm programs.
> You have convinced me about ppp.  I can see that being a daemon in the
> same category as most of the rest of net (I don't thing the server even
> needs a modem attached to use it??).  But diald seems more
> telecommunications oriented to me.  And uucp is in comm which has a

Huh? The program that starts and stops PPP (and SLIP) belongs somewhere  
different from ppp?

I don't understand that logic.

> "older" form of _net_working support.  Moreover, comm is small and net
> is BIG.

It's a different form of networking that UUCP supports - actually, it's  
the same general type of networking as with, say, fidonet software.

The network type in /net/ is the one where you first make a connection to  
some part of the net (for example, with diald and ppp), then use that  
connection to do various stuff with computers anywhere in the net.

What we might consider is subdivide net into the stuff that provides  
connections (ppp, diald, routing software, for example) versus the  
applications that run on top of these connections (ftp servers, mail  
servers, what have you).

MfG Kai

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