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Re: Icon sizes for menus

James LewisMoss:
> There are several large image sets out there.  AIcons, 3d_pixmaps,
> martys_icons|marbles|pixmaps to name the few I have installed in
> /usr/local/lib/ on my system.  Lots of the icons even have predone
> 32x32 and little (16x16 maybe) versions that are the same icon (one
> for icon bars one for menus).  

Ok, but these do tend to eat up a lot of colormap. I know that 3d_pixmaps is
rediced to 100 colors -- that's a lot more colormap than I want to give up
to icons when I'm running in 256 color mode.

Also, I personally dislike the "3d" part of 3d_pixmaps. They just stuck all
the icons on a 3d button-looking background. I prefer icons with transparent
backgrounds, if you want a button look, run afterstep or similar and let the
window manager provide it. Just IMHO.

> Maybe making a couple debian packages
> out of these might be a good idea then developers wouldn't have to
> design any just find an appropriate one from the huge number these
> packages contain.

But then if a package has a menu file that points to an icon in the
3d_pixmaps package, do you have to make the package
depend/reccommend/suggest 3d_pixmaps?

> The only problem I see with these collection is making sure everything
> is freely usable.  (which is granted a big project).  TheNextLevel is
> under the GPL (though I couldn't find a COPYING file with it).
> 3d_pixmaps are under:
> Copying-policy: Use Freely on your System to show Commercials 
>                 we can do it better :) Long live LiNUX !

Somehow, I have my doubts that this copyright applies to everything in the
package. A lot of those icons were just ripped from other software. The
copyright would be very hard to track down. For example, I see netscape's
icon in there, along with Calvin and Hobbs and Peanuts and Dilbert comic 
strips stuff. And Disney characters like Donald Duck and Goofy.
Does the above copyright really apply to all this?

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