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Re: Enhancements to the bug system

On Thu, 6 Mar 1997, Santiago Vila Doncel wrote:

> > 	Who decides what the priority is?
> >  a) The reporter   (tendency to inflate urgency)
> >  b) The maintainer (tendency to minimize severity)
> >  c) Someone else   (becomes the bottleneck)
> This was proposed by Lars some time ago. Reporters should not decide.
> All bugs have a "normal" status by default, that can be later changed by
> the developers.
> I would suggest QA-team for this status changes to decide.

 No.. I think that reporters should include the priority, and then every
developer would have the ability to change the bug priority. This follows
the `spirit' of the current bug system, that has worked very well...
 Besides... most of the time, reports are made by other developers... And
the priority assigned by the reporter will most of the times be the right

 Mmm... Perhaps priorityless bugs should be assigned `high' priority, and
then the maintainer will be able to lower it... Maybe...

Nicolás Lichtmaier.-

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