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Re: Changes to menu package

> It was never clear to me whether or not the idea was to use the "menu"
> system for defining what icons should be used for minimized
> applications in fvwm2, AfterStep, etc. and for the taskbar and window
> decorations in fvwm95.  I don't know of this being implemented
> anywhere, but to seems to me that this would be incredibly useful.

Well, with the new format of the menuentries, that should be easy:

? package(vi): needs=text command=/usr/bin/vi section=Apps/Editors title=Vi \
               longdesc="The editor that people complain even \
               more about than the aboutweather, vi." \
               id=vi sort=aa myfunkyvar=lichtbewolkt \
	       minicon36x36=/usr/X11/lib/.... \
	       minicon48x48=/usr/X11/lib/.... \

And the menu-method can simply say something like
  .... ifnempty("-minimize_icon" ifelse($minicon48x48,$minicon48x48,\

In effect saying: Use the 48x48 icon if available, otherwise the 36x36
or the 24x24. If none are available, don't give the "-minimize_icon"
argument (I don't have a clue how excactly to tell X11 what minimised
icon to use, but I guess it's something like that). Of cource, the local
system admin can change the order if a small display is connected to
the server, and the user can override the system-wide defaults in 

Would this satisfy your needs?

joost witteveen     joostje@debian.org
I came, I saw, ..., well, it wasn't free so I left again. (LUA, 1988)

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