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Re: bsd-games -- copyright question

On Thu, 20 Mar 1997, Joey Hess wrote:

> A game called "paranioa", which lacks a copyright entirely.
> A game called "bog", with the following copyright, which keeps it out of
> debian:
> I can easily package up all the other games except these two (actually, I
> may make a separate non-free package just for bog, becuase it's the reason I
> wanted to package up the bsd games in the first place.) But should I leave
> the source code from these 2 games in the source package, or delete it? I'd
> say from the copyright, it would be safer to delete it, but that's an ugly
> modification to make to the source package.

Before doing all this, it might be a good idea to email the
authors, explain what Debian is a bit and ask them if they would allow
their games to be distributed with Debian. After all, the copyright for
bog dates from almost 10 years. Maybe the authors don't care that much
anymore about how their games are distributed... at least, I think it's
worth asking.


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