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Re: Installing bash 2.0 makes "man" lock up.

'Guy Maor wrote:'
>Fabrizio Polacco <fpolacco@icenet.fi> writes:
>> Could you please try man-db package instead of man (if you're running
>> unstable) ?
>Same problem.  It's very easy to duplicate: `set -a; set +a; man man'.

It's very strange.  set -a causes the problem (set +a isn't necessary,
but why set +a doesn't undo the effects of set-a seems strange).  gzip
gets a SIGSTOP signal.  But sending it SIGCONT causes it to go to
sleep.  I can't imagine what bash does with set -a that causes man to
confuse gzip.  man -t works after set -a, it seems to only be the call
to gzip that causes the problem.  gzip runs fine after set -a when
called directly from bash.

It seems to be a bash 2.0 bug because I tested set -a under
bash-1.14.7-2 with the same version of man and there is no trouble
reading man pages.

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