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Re: Bug#8119: e2fsck should be linked with -static

On Tue, 25 Mar 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> I'd suggest a rescue-image package so that it could be upgraded
> easily once installed, and easily removed if the user desires. It
> would also make it easier to include it in the base archive that way.
> rescue-image would be built directly by the boot-floppies package.

great idea.

> > One problem remains: This makes cracking an existing system even
> > easier. You can do it without booting from a floppy.
> The LILO package should detect /boot/root.bin when it builds the LILO
> configuration. If it exists, it should offer to add it to the list of
> bootable systems, and should offer to set a password on it.

it should also detect /vmlinuz.old  (and possibly /vmlinuz.* as well) and
offer to add that to /etc/lilo.conf


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