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Re: ftp.debian.org files that could/should be moved

A couple of the the packages suggested could probably be moved, but
most are correct.  Here is something I posted a while ago, which could
probably be in a FAQ:

admin - System administration, specialized hardware packages.
base - Packages on the base disks.
comm - Communication besides TCP/IP (fax, modem, bbs, uucp).
devel - Program development.
doc - Documentation & tools for reading it.
editors - Editors.
electronics - Electronic applications.
games - Games and toys.
graphics - Creating & viewing pictures, graphical libraries.
hamradio - .... .- --  .-. .- -.. .. ---  .--. .-. --- --. .-. .- -- ...
interpreters - Scripting languages
libs - Shared libraries
mail - Retrieving, sending, reading mail.
math - Mathematical & scientific software.
misc - Stuff which doesn't really fit elsewhere.
net - TCP/IP software.
news - Retrieving, sending, reading news.
otherosfs - Other operating systems, other file systems.
runtime - Shared libraries, scripting languages.
shells - Not the things you find on the beach.
sound - Multimedia stuff, playing audio CDs.
tex - TeX, LaTeX, and their programs.
text - Operating on text and languages: viewing, printing, spelling.
util - Utilities.
web - WWW browsers, servers, modules.
x11 - X11 programs that don't have a better fit elsewhere.


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