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ftp.debian.org files that could/should be moved

I finally had a look at part of the ftp archive and found several
packages that I think should be moved.

interpreters/libwww-perl_5.06-1.deb     ->     web
devel/gmp_1.3.2-8.deb                   ->     math?
devel/ucblogo_3.3-1.deb                 ->     interpreters or games?
devel/diffstat_1.25-5.deb               ->     utils?
devel/postgres95-doc_1.09-1.deb         ->     doc?
devel/gpc-doc_2.0-3.deb                 ->     doc?
devel/icon-doc_9.1-1.deb                ->     doc?
devel/ilu-doc_2.0.0.8-2.deb             ->     doc?
devel/v-doc_1.16-2.deb                  ->     doc?
devel/lapack-doc_2.0.1-1.deb            ->     doc?
editors/addressbook_0.6.1-1.deb         ->     utils?
editors/xwpe_1.4.2-1.deb                ->     devel?
misc/zoo_2.10-3.deb                     ->     utils?
misc/umsdos_0.9-1.deb                   ->     otherosfs?
net/mime-support_2.11-1.deb             ->     mail? or maybe misc?
devel/slib_2a6-1.deb                    ->     interpreters or libs?
admin/wg15-locale_2-5.deb               ->     utils?
devel/localebin_5.4.23-2.deb            ->     utils?
comm/casio_2.01-2.deb                   ->     misc?
net/ppp_2.2.0f-23.deb                   ->     comm?
net/diald_0.16-6.deb                    ->     comm?

Guy, what do you think?

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