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Re: Bug#7868: wget includes big html docs


	Is there a guideline on when the size of /usr/doc/$(package)
 has gotten too big, and the docs should be split away into a separate

	Also, how serious are we about the bit in the policy manual
 about HTML documentation? Anything with texinfo documentation can be
 converted into HTML (provided you have texi2html), and I tried that
 with make. This resuts in about 512K of HTML docs.

	I have removed the HTML documentation from the package,
 pending resolution on this list (since only 3.75-3 had the html docs,
 this should not affect anybody). After the freeze, I'll split up make
 into make and make-doc, putting the HTML and postscript documents in
 the latter packages).

	I think we need a ruling on the size of a packaegs /usr/doc
 directory, there are 47 directories in /usr/doc on my machine with
 sizes in exess of 200Kb (some of these directories were populated by
 separate doc packages, though). 


>From the policy:
  3.2.3 Additional documentation

   Any additional documentation that comes with the package can be
   installed at the discretion of the package maintainer. Text
   documentation should be installed in a directory /usr/doc/package[5]
   and compressed with gzip -9 unless it is small.

   If a package comes with large amounts of documentation which many
   users of the package will not require you should create a separate
   binary package to contain it, so that it does not take up disk space
   on the machines of users who do not need or want it installed.

   It is often a good idea to put text information files (READMEs,
   changelogs, and so forth) that come with the source package in
   /usr/doc/package in the binary package. However, you don't need to
   install the instructions for building and installing the package, of

  3.2.4 Preferred documentation formats

   The unification of Debian documentation is being carried out via HTML.

   If your package comes with extensive documentation in a markup format
   that can be converted to various other formats you should if possible
   ship HTML versions in the binary package, in the directory
   /usr/doc/package or its subdirectories.

   Other formats such as PostScript may be provided at your option.

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