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Re: colors for debian menus

On Thu, 13 Mar 1997, Joey Hess wrote:

> If this gets added to fvwm and the other window managers, then all the
> discussion about colors maps for icons on the debian menus will be resolved.
> -----Forwarded message from Dan Espen <dane@bae.bellcore.com>-----
> To: Graeme.McCaffery@astro.cf.ac.uk (Graeme McCaffery)
> Cc: fvwm@hpc.uh.edu (Fvwm mailing list)
> Subject: Re: FVWM: pixmap fvwmbuttons 
> From: Dan Espen <dane@bae.bellcore.com>
> Sender: owner-fvwm@hpc.uh.edu
> I don't believe the icons have  been changed to  use a standard set of
> colors, but I  recently submitted a patch  to the  "workers list" that
> change's the icons colors to a "standard" set as they are displayed.

The icons distributed with the upstream fvwm2 have supposedly been
reduced in colour to the same palette.  So, barring new icons, the
current set should work fairly well together.

I don't know about the fvwm95 ones, though.

I saw this colour reduction patch when it went across the fvwm-workers
mailing list originaly, but I am loath to ship a much modified fvwm2 -
especially if Chuck Hines (the official fvwm2 maintainer) isn't going
to integrate this patch in a hurry.

The current Debian fvwm2 has only a single patch applied, and only
then to fix a fairly large bug to do with Button 0.  This patch will
most likely be in the next upstream release of fvwm2, but its very
unlikely that the colour space reduction patch will be.  Chuck has
already said he'd like to see the problem solved in a fixed,
non-runtime, manner (ie, post-processing the icon files before using

Just my 2p worth, of course...

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