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Re: Freezing Bo (Debian 1.3)

Has the sorting problem in dselect/dpkg been fixed yet?  I helped
someone ftp install Debian-1.2.7 the other day and we had to do
install/configure a couple of times before everything was installed
error-free.  He said that would be a serious impediment selling it to
his superiors and asked about Red Hat...

We also ran into the Emacs/XEmacs conflict problem.  I didn't know if
there was a real conflict, so I suggested that he compile and install
XEmacs in /usr/local.

These two things must be fixed before bo is released. (I realize we
are just talking about the code freeze right now.)

more long term issues:

I also noticed that most of TeX is installed by default and X is not.
This is a little weird. We really need some kind of "meta selection"
utility for installation. 

A Q&D solution would be this:

  If the user selects Express Install:
    Give him a dialog to select "subsystems" that he wants:
      e.g. TeX, X, etc.
    Then modify the list of selected packages accordingly
    Finally, ask if he want to go into dselect to fine tune
     his choices.


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