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Re: Bash 2.0 Problems

In article <33187FDB.3E0ECFFD@verisim.com> bcwhite@verisim.com wrote:
>> > What was the end result of the bash 2.0 discussion?
>> But: Since there is no warranted procedure that dselect installs bash
>> after the new packages it broke (i.e. no Breaks: field), we might
>> want to restore bash 1.14.7 in the last minute before Debian 1.3 (or
>> better: one week before).
>My feeling is to release 1.3 with the older version of bash and let
>bash 2.0 mature a bit longer for acceptance into the next release.
>Comments?  What benefits does bash2 give over the older bash?

It's a _far_ nicer interactive shell to use, if only for the following two

1) It now seems to escape tab-completed filenames properly (previous
versions had problems doing this)

2) Multi-line scripts written on the command line are automatically
wrapped into a single line when recalled using command history.  This is
IMHO a gorgeous feature... 

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