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Re: ftp.debian.org files that could/should be moved

'Richard Kaszeta wrote:'
>>I finally had a look at part of the ftp archive and found several
>>packages that I think should be moved.
>Just some comments, all IMHO:
>>editors/xwpe_1.4.2-1.deb                ->     devel?
>It's an editor, and quite useful even form non-code.  I'd leave it in

I'll buy that.  But it's the description that confused me:
 Description: Programming environment for X11 and character terminals

Igor Grobman could you fix up the description so it's clear that it
belongs in editors.  It's too trivial to submit as a bug I think.

>>net/ppp_2.2.0f-23.deb                   ->     comm?
>>net/diald_0.16-6.deb                    ->     comm?
>I think these should stay in net, since they have more to do with
>networking software (by providing a transport mechanism) than they do
>with comm programs.

You have convinced me about ppp.  I can see that being a daemon in the
same category as most of the rest of net (I don't thing the server even
needs a modem attached to use it??).  But diald seems more
telecommunications oriented to me.  And uucp is in comm which has a
"older" form of _net_working support.  Moreover, comm is small and net
is BIG.

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