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Re: Copyright problems

Goran Andersson wrote:
> I have found a danish wordlist, which I want to use
> as an ispell dictionary, at
> ftp://sable.ox.ac.uk/pub/wordlists/danish/dansk.zip
> (See also http://www.maths.lth.se/datorsystemet/ispell/danish.html)
> The problem, as usual with such wordlists, is that no
> copyright statement is attached to it. I haven't even managed to
> find out who is the author of the list.
> Is it possible to use this wordlist in a non-free package?

As far as I know the words of a language aren't copyrighted, otherways
authors should pay to write a dictionary :-)

Wordlists in /usr/dist are "collection of words in alphabetic order"
without any relation with their meaning. I think there can be also
Registered Marks, because the Registration is related with some meaning,
not with their spelling.

IMHO, obviously.

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