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Re: Abuse bug being ignored.

> This bug has been around for year at least.  I thought I would give abuse
> a whirl yesterday, thinking that with the passage of time this package
> might have been fixed.

There are currently two bugs open against abuse:
  #4406 Problems with abuse
  #5821 abuse doesn't work with newer kernels

The oldest of these and the one to which you refer (#4406) was filed on
September 5th, or 6 months ago.  The last activity on it was September 17th.
A kind message to 4406@bugs.debian.org asking if any further progress
has been made would probably be the best solution.

I am working on reducing the age of outstanding bugs.  With the release
of 1.3 I'd like to have closed or forwarded all bug reports (feature
requests excepted) older than 12 months.  Eventually I'd like to work
this down to 6 months.  12 months might sound like a long time, but it
is affecting over 160 outstanding bugs (40 done, 120 yet to go).

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