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[no subject] 1 Gig Install profile 2.2.20 to 2.4.18 ? 2.2r5 with 2.4.18 kernel Re: 2.4.19 modules install failed 2.4.19 modules_install failed 3.0r0/powerpc USB crashing 3d dosent work 403's on 486 Potato to Woody upgrade (was Unidentified subject!) 497 days uptime = 0 days uptime ?(uptime rolloveR) 553 5.0.0 <>... Unbalanced '<' (Sendmail problem) 6 Channel Audio 8139too driver just didn't work A1200 install problems A1200 problem update please read!! AbiWord About USB mouses. AC97 on MSI Mother card how to ? adding new modules aduio CDs Advice on using 1394 or FireWire hard disks? Advice please: Picking a mail server Re: Advice please: Picking a mail server allowng everyone to view win2000 partitons alsa and crystal 4235 chipset alsa and ecasound problems ALSA and ESD and Gnome alsa prob, via686 Alsa-Source Build error? alsa,X and Tuxracer alternative motd and logo? AltGr key not working anywhere in X amavis is stopping spam for me? Re: Anacron message [announce] 1.0.1-4 uploaded and is depreciated Fwd: ANNOUNCE: Pubcookie 3.0.0 Beta 1 Released Annoying tickets Antialiased fonts in Opera Any brutal hard drive burn-in programs? Anyone have Lyx 1.2? Any way to alter "From:" temporarily in exim? Re: Any way to alter "From:" temporarily in exim? -SOLVED Apache and mod_perl, fastcgi, speedycgi Apache and Mysql Problem Apache / libdb2 error Apache Recompile Apache vs Apache-SSL apcupsd broken since conversion Debian 2.0 -> 3.0 applications load very slow apsfilter prints out NOTHING in woody apsfilter problem Re: apt-cdrom and loopback .iso files apt-cdrom makes unstable entries APT::Default-Release apt-get and wine daily build Apt-get behaving badly apt-get check apt-get error apt-get foolishness apt-get from arbitrary url apt-get install alsa-source apt-get PIN apt-get "pinning" apt-get problem apt get problems apt-get remove --purge woes. apt-get update + upgrade => java screwed OR apt-get downgrade ??? Aptitude aptitude equivalent of 'apt-get -f <release>'? APT overrules self-compiled packages apt pinning question apt_preferences: need an example apt-proxy error Arcade games arrg.. can't build a deb-package from gdm2 sources ASAP Re: ASUS P4S333 SIS 650 SIS 7012 ATI Radeon 8500 & Woody ATI Technologies Inc Rage 128 RL Re: Atl-F7... Me Too! attempting to unsubscribe augmentez vos ventes ............ Automated reply from automatically delete old emails from Maildir automatic Firewall start/stop Re: automatic security updates Re: AW: 2.2r5 with 2.4.18 kernel AW: mkswap: warning: truncating swap area to 2097144kB AW: tasksel tries to install packages AW: Woody 3.0 installation SOLVED Backing up files to Windows machine base install package list Base system problem!!!! bash Bash commands bash, kern.log error!! Bash Script Problem Re: Bash Script Problem - THANKS Re: Bash Script Problem THANKS ALL Bastille beginner not printing Best method to install JDK1.4? BEST modem difficulties BF24 and Promise Fasttrack problem bios update from cdrom bogus input message Book on iptables? Bootable system backup boot-floppies package? Boot stops at Cupsys box freezes after upgrade to woody Box hanging at shutdown Broken Packages Re: Bug#156583: Acknowledgement (upgrade killed apache) Fwd: Bug#157231: devfsd: perms for the rio500 device bug in tftp boot installation image for powerpc prep Bug? Problems using mutt w/ ssl in Sarge Building a package from source Building debian packs build-source make question burn cd-rw? BUSINESS PROPOSAL Re: BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP Re: BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP PROPOSAL Cable Modem, Road Runner, dhcp, kernel packet missing can dhclient be made to contact a specific dhcp server by IP say? Can I use an old Potatoe Boot Floppy to install woody? Re: Can ldso be removed or does deborphan have a bug? Cannot configure Debian 3.0 cannot get sound on Toshiba laptop Cannot overwrite Can someone tell me the function for getting MIB-2 object values from Debian Linux Kernel ? Can't access /dev/hdd Can't boot from hd after upgrade to woody Can't change to 1024x768 The last update was on 09:57 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 5491 messages. Page 1 of 11.

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