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When answering, please CC: teague@jackson.main.nc.us

In short the questions are: 

1) I have found documents on apt* in /usr/share/doc/apt, and some man
pages. What else should I read to learn how to update my system safely?


2) I do not find aptitude on my Woody system. Should it be there? Do I
need it? 

The details are:

I am running Woody, installed circa November 2001, running on an AMD 350
K6 with 384 MB RAM. I do not have the machine on the net so I hvae not
(yet) updated it. I am about to connect it to a high capacity net
connection to up date it to Sarge. The question of tools arises:

Clearly I need to use apt in its various incarnations, and first either I
need set a file /etc/apt/sources.list or to have some apt utility set it.

I do not find "aptitude".  People describe this tool in GLOWING terms,
but I cannot find it on my system. When I use the command apropos apt,
I get


The last two are configuration files I think.

Should "aptitude" be there?  Is Aptitude available for Woody?  Sarge?

Apt Documents I have found are /usr/share/doc/apt/guide.html which seems
to be about how to use apt-get to fetch when connected to the net, and the
file /usr/share/doc/apt/offline.html/ch*.html which describe what I have
to do to use CDROMs (and maybe other stuff, I have to study it.)

There are also man pages for apt* above that I must read.

What else should I read? 

David Teague

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