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Re: 403's on non-us.debian.org

"Adam Majer" <adamm@galacticasoftware.com> writes:

> I thought that security.debian.org had non-us archive as well?

No! No! No! Damn it, stop confusing things.

security == security, non-US == non-US and that's it.  Don't start
confusing things by trying to mix and match.  If you want security
updates your sources.list line should have security.debian.org in it.
If you want non-US updates yours sources.list line should have
non-US.debian.org (or some mirror) in it.

Let's try one more time to be sure:

Want security for woody?

 deb http://security.debian.org/debian-security woody/updates main contrib non-free

Want non-US for woody?

 deb http://non-US.debian.org/debian-non-US woody/non-US main contrib non-free
            ^--- [or a non-US mirror site]

Anything else is Broken and Wrong and even if it happens to work for
you right now will be broken at some point in the immediate future so
just don't do it.  kay?


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