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Re: *****SPAM***** Fw: Digital camera

Dr. Sharukh K. R. Pavri. wrote:

> I am looking for a digital camera (and of course it has to work under
> linux). I have fallen in love with the Nikon Coolpix 2500. It's a beauty
> w/ 2 megapixel ccd, CF card and a swivel lens. I googled for some help and
> it is said to be a usb mass storage device, well atleast the last model
> before it, the Coolpix 995 is supposed to be a usb storage device, and
> this might cause problems running it under gphoto.

Don't assume that because one model supports USB Mass Storage, that
other models will also. Verify that the model you want does what you

If the camera itself is a USB Mass Storage device, you don't need
gphoto; you should be able to mount the camera as a removable
filesystem, just like a USB Mass Storage CF card reader.

> Of course I can always buy a CF card reader like the SanDisk which is
> known to work under linux. 

Specifically, the SanDisk SDDR-31 works with Linux. Most other SanDisk
card readers do not, as they are not USB Mass Storage devices.

> Can someone who uses a digital camera share his experience about the
> advantages/disadvantages of being able to access the camera directly under
> linux. Also, if someone has any experience using a Nikon digital camera,
> especially the Coolpix series could you please share it?

I prefer to use a card reader rather than plug the camera into the
computer directly. Why run down the camera battery when you're just
transferring files? Also, I have more than one CF card, and I'd rather
not have to put a full card back into the camera just to transfer the
files. A separate CF reader is more convenient for that.


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