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Re: [Semi-OT]: Win4Lin

On Tue, 2002-08-06 at 06:26, Jacob S. wrote:
> On 05 Aug 2002 17:33:26 -0600
> "Gary Hennigan" <glhenni@sandia.gov> wrote:

> 	The only drawbacks I've found would be lack of winsock2
> support, no networking, and limited external peripherals. You can access
> the internet from windows - it uses your Linux connection, no setup 
> required, but it won't let you do Network Neighborhood style networking.
> The only applications I've found that were dependent on winsock2 were 
> things like aim and similar programs. Some of this may have changed in
> the current release of version 4, however.


Additional Features of Win4Lin 4.0

* Windows Networking Support: Networking via the Linux® IP stack
(WinSock) · Virtual Network Card emulation (VNET) support including
Network Neighborhood and Microsoft Exchange with optional 2nd IP address


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