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Re: APT overrules self-compiled packages


Am Mon, Aug 12, 2002 at 03:23:51PM -0400 sprach --* Simon Law *--
> 	OK.  Let's say I have emacs21, which is at version "21.2-1".  If I
> compile a new version, with some different compilation options, I'm
> going to version it "custom-21.2-1".  Since "c" is larger than an
> number, this will always be higher.

So, let me precise my actual problem: I just want the current version
recompiled.  If there is (really) a newer package out there (i.e. with bug-
or security fixes) I want that newer package to be installed.  This happens
not very often, since I prefer to run the stable release all the time.  I'm
not making any important changes to the source code.  I just want it to be
compiled for my machine using a gcc-wrapper to optimize the code.  I am
highly interested in bug or security fixes.

If renaming the package version is really necessary, I suppose changing the
number 21.2-1 to 21.2-1.i686 solves the problem.  But the foolish person,
which is me, thought, it won't be really necessary and 'apt-get -b source'
would perform well.  Every documentation about that tells me so.  No one
ever told me to use debchange or to edit debian/changelog. ;)

Probably you all are right and I've overseen this important part of APT's
policy (official overrules selfcompiled).

Thanks for help,

* Kenny Doberenz

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