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Re: alternative motd and logo?

Vineet Kumar wrote:

> Mandatory schmandatory. "Credit where credit is due" is enough of a
> reason to insist that it be called by it's true name: "Debian
> GNU/Linux". Debian is far more than just Linux. My hat's off to the GNU
> project, and if you think you owe them nothing (or that avoiding giving
> them credit is something desirable/admirable) you are deluding yourself
> (and probably only yourself).

I agree completely. Anyone who doesn't care for the term "GNU/Linux"
should try running a Linux system without any GNU components. The kernel
is a critical part of the system, but it's only one part, and not even a
very large part if you compare it (by binary size or lines of code) to
the GNU C library, plus the fileutils, the binutils, gcc, etc.


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