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Re: 2.2.1 2.2.1 is in Woody ? AA Fonts I use on 1600x1200 Aethera crashes... ANN: libkio_fish-1.0.1 Anti-aliased fonts and defaults Anti-aliased fonts in KDE 2.2.1: ``Adobe" fonts not available when anti-aliasing enabled apt 0.5.4: preferences file artsd does not start Attachments in Kmail automake 1.5 automake build issues automatic screen blanking Bad disk blocks RE: Broken Konq. Bug Report building kdepim with Ivan's kde4 packages can't compile any kdevelop source projects... Can't configure kdevelop can't launche Konqueror compile a small KDE application compiling CVS kde in a different directory compiling kde stuff Compiling Qt 3.0 and kdelibs 3.0alpha in sid compiling qt tutorials Configuration Corrupt Re: Creating new kernel with initrd?, Custom kernel: Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 21:05 Does KDE Multimedia Need Improvement? Environment variables for KDE-Sessions Error executing make xconfig in debian Sid 01/10/01 with kde2 /etc/X11/Xsession don't works with kde? Eureka -- This Means Something! Euro support for Kde 2 Euro support for Kde 2, solved! Euro support for KDE/debian potato? Euro symbol again evolution in kde Failed upgrade to KDE 2.2.1 fbcon Finally get to see what KDE2.2 looks like? fixed width fonts for konsole Flash & Konqueror -- Coexistence in Question -fn option of konsole Follow-up to ``How to upgrade to KDE 2.2.1 - a not quite newbies' guide'' Font madness again Helping Ivan out - I will adopt kmultimedia Hosed KDE How to debug How to fix Konqueror and kmail? Re: how to make Lexmark Z11 work with Debian? How to upgrade to KDE 2.2.1 - a not quite newbies' guide Installing only konqueror and changing default fonts Install KLyX kmail doesn´t work ITP: korinoco -- Clone the "Client Manager" from Lucent Technologies, Inc. ITP: kreatecd -- A KDE CD burner with an easy interface Ivan's Fund KDE 2.1.1 logout options Kde 2.2.1 in testing kde 2.2 errors and konqueror crashes kde2 sound problem KDE 3.0 (cvs) packages kde4 packages not apt--getable KDE and konqueror at startup KDE compile complains about missing KDE completely broken? Re: [KDE-es] Re: Euro support for Kde 2 KDE: mouse problems kde objprelink and new binutils KDE Printer drivers kde & qt3 KDE Spellcheck settings ? KDevelop kdevelop broken ?? KDevelop-Setup and htdig Fwd: kde virus-like menu masher KDE won't start automatically KDE & X broken in unstable kdm dies Kfract anyone?? kicker broken in sid? killustrator kivio line connector tool doesn't work in kde packages for potato. KLISA problems again kmail address book kmail and gpg KMail and Outlook? KMail and PGP kmail doesn't render HTML messages Fwd: kmail doesn't render HTML messages -- more kmail: pop3 with ssl fails Konqueror and Flash Konqueror error in Debian kde 2.2.1 Konqueror history Konqueror Is Slightly-Broken? Konqueror/SSL Konqueror Strangeness konsole acting "strange" after upgrade to woody 2.2.1 konsole issues Konsole keys problem konsole problem with "Home" and "End" keys korinoco and kreatecd in debian sid KreateCD package kscd & cddb Kwork/Koffice Re: Kwork/Koffice -> LaTex Presentations last kde update Liquid Theme locale settings? Logout problem 2.2.1 Re: Man Pages Mirroring KDE missing text mosfet liquid anyone? Mosfet's Liquid Theme & Compilation Problems mp3Kult and SIGSEGV Multiple file selection with Konqueror Need help fixing KDE no mp3-view in kio (audiocd) "No Text!" again.. "No Text!" and broken konq-plugins Re: objprelink and lintian errors Odd Behavior w/ Update-menus Odd copying/pasting question curiosity is getting to me... Only Type1 fonts in kde? Opening Xsession for User-Login failed! Fwd: Play a hilarious prank call prelink update Printable fonts in koffice? printing Printing with CUPS 1.1.10 on KDE 2.1.2 Problems closing KDE 2.2.1 Problems with konqueror problems with едц letters in kde Programs Won't Start QTDIR question about konq resolved: compiling kde3 stuff under Debian Root can use AA TrueType & T1 fonts, users get garbage "Save Link as..." in ftp-mode The last update was on 17:41 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 626 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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