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Re: kdm dies

> <laugh>  I understand what startx is. [...]
hehe, heck, i stopmed into the ambiguity trap. or my understanding of
the english language is just that bad. :)

> Under xfree 3.?, I believe that the server was specified in
> XF86Config. 
nope ... XF86Config is the server's config file, not the file which says
which server to run - and always was.

> I'm not sure where it's specified under xfree 4.1. An admittedly
> somewhat cursory look through the xfree documentation hasn't shown me
> the answer.  
there is nothing like that in x. most linux-distros provide some
x-wrapper for convenience. otherwise you have only the program-specific
binary specifications (xserverrc, Xservers, etc.).

> Argh!  First place I looked was /etc/X11/Xserver. [...] I assume that
> file is a remnant of an earlier version of kdm?
not of kdm. it's a remnant of the old xwrapper (provided with older xf3 

> In the process of repairing that by forcing a reinstall, I also
> switched from using the 3.?  server to the 4.1 server but the Xservers
> file didn't get updated. 
well, thats beyond the scope of any automatic update because a) the
different server versions are compatible at the x11 protocol level and
therefore the x-clients don't care for the server-version and b) this
would be somewhat complex to implement.


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