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Re: locale settings?

On Sunday 07 October 2001 23:01, you wrote:
> Dear Mr. Gay:
> According to the Borland website, Kylix runs only on Red Hat, Mandrake, and
> SuSe. They mention nothing about being able to run it on Deb systems. I
> checked this out as I was thinking of getting Kylix myself.
Well, the install checks for critical things before it installs, as it needs 
the latest versions of glibc and libjpeg.

The minimum requirements are:
glibc 2.2 or they can provide a patched version for glibc2.1.2 or higher,
kernel version 2.2 or higher, and
libjpeg 6.2 or higher.

My system met all these requirements.

After a good search around my system, I am able to __Temporarily__ change my 
locale setting with LANG=ie in a terminal, and then I can run startkylix and 
play around with it. However, I still don't know how to make this change 
permenant and the kylix menu option still won't work so I'm looking for a 
more permenant solution.

I hope this info will reasure you that kylix 'can' run on Debian. Just 
because Borland won't support it does not mean it won't work. You can still 
ask Debian people to help you get around any problems.
> Sincerely
> Joe T. Penrod

	John Gay

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