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Re: kdm dies

On Sun, Oct 21, 2001 at 01:18:50PM -0400, Daniel Jones wrote:
> With kdm debugging enabled, I'm now getting an error in
> syslog to the effect that "can't start
> /urs/X11R6/bin/XF86_SVGA"  I've uninstalled XF86_SVGA and
> reconfigured xfree.  Manually starting xfree with "startx"
> works fine, using xserver-xfree86.  I assume that kdm still
> trying to use the old server is the result of an error in a
> configuration file somewhere.  Which configuration file
> would cause kdm to use a different server than startx?

I think it's something like Xserverrc in /etc/X11/kdm. But this will probably
be a better way to find it:

grep -r XF86_SVGA /etc/X11


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