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Re: Konsole keys problem

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Am Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2001 11:58 schrieb Alex:
> On Monday 01 October 2001 09:29, Hendrik Sattler wrote:
> > the home and end keys in konsole do not work anymore (I tried every
> > keyboard setting there). Strange is that when I ssh to a host with X3.3.6
> > they work, on a host with X4.1 they don't.
> > Bug??? Compilation problem???
> It is a problem with the upgrade from konsole from 2.1 to 2.2. Downgrading
> to 2.1.1 from testing resolved the problem. Comparing the keytab's for
> xterm 4.x.x there is the difference :
> konsole 2.1.1:
> key Home  -Shift   : "\EOH"
> key End   -Shift   : "\EOF"
> konsole 2.2.1:
> key Home  -Shift   : "\E[1~"
> key End   -Shift   : "\E[4~"
> The solution is thus:
> copy the default.Keytab file to <anyname>.keytab, modify to represent the
> old config, save, restart konsole et voila.

Thanks a lot, great, this works. :-)))
To let it work with the next update, I copied the default.Keytab to
.kde/share/apps/konsole/default.keytab and also included the other suggestion 
of making the newer code work with the Shift-key and changed the normal one 
to the old codes from above. I also changed the name
Then I changed it to the new name, saved the settings and now local and 
remote works fine :-)))

Seems to be something for the next konsole package update ;-)


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