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KLISA problems again

I just upgraded two different machines (and archs) to KDE 2.2 from
unstable.  Generally a great job...especially on my DEC ALPHA!!  I have
been waiting a long time for KDE to show up for it.  Thanks!!  The other
machine is a i386 "upgrade" from KDE 2.1.2.  I am running Debian
"testing" on both machines.  

I am having one tiny problem in KLISA that I hope someone can help
with.  When I pull up Konqueror, or the "Home" destop icon and expand
the "Network" tree on the sidebar, every thing goes as it should and I
get the "FTP Archives", "Local Network", and "Web Sites" selections
displayed.  When I try to expand the "Local Network" selection, I get an
error message stating "Can't Find parent item lan://localhost/ in the
tree.  Internal Error", and the "Local Network" icon just sort of hangs
with a spinning disk overlay.
In previous versions, this would expand into the hostnames of all the
computers on my LAN.  This happens on both machines I have KDE 2.2.1
installed upon, and my other machines that still have KDE 2.1.1
installed continue to work normally.  Samba on the network is working
normally, as it did before...there were no changes there on any of my
machines during the upgrade process(es).  

Now if I type in "lan://localhost/" into the Konqueror "location" bar,
it finds it.  It also will find the machines on my network via
"smb://<hostname>/, etc.  It appears Konqueror is working fine, but
somehow the interlink between Klisa and Konqueror is not working
correctly.  This same thing happens on both machines, but on the ALPHA I
get an additional error: "You don't appear to have any interfaces

So far, I have purged and re-installed both Konqueror and Klisa, read
all the docs I could find, checked and re-checked all my config
settings, checked the BTL on both Debian and KDE, deleted the ~.kde
directories in both ROOT and my USER accounts, and have not found any
clues or resolution.  Since I am the only one reporting this problem, I
must conclude it is probably NOT a "bug", but something I am doing

Any suggestions, hints, confirmations, etc. would be greatly
appreciated!!  I am more interested in getting it going on the i386 arch
at the moment.  I have become acustomed to this little utility, and
really like it a lot! 

TIA & Cheers,
-Don Spoon-

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