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"No Text!" and broken konq-plugins

Hi there,

I did an apt upgrade recently, and there's two problems..

firstly, konqueror keeps crashing on even simple pages like slashdot
unless I remove the "konq-plugins"  package.

Secondly, kmail and kview and probably a few other apps have some of their
menus replaced with the heading "No Text!" and their contents removed.  In
particular, the settings menu for kmail is broken which is making it
somewhat difficult to add mailboxes :-)

I tried recompiling kmail from the source package, but this didn't help,
so this leads me to believe there's a problem in kdelibs3 or a locale
package, but as to which one, I don't know..

I can send a screenshot if this isn't clear.



Giles Constant, Systems Programmer
Hyperlink Interactive

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