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Euro support for Kde 2

Hello all!!

I would like to introduce myself: I'm javi and I'm working
giving Linux support for the spanish governement, we are
trying to port NT clients to Debian Linux. Now we have a
very important problem to face: we have to support euro
under Debian/Woody, this seems impossible.

We have read a lot of sources of imformation, a lot of
HOWTO's and document like that, but we haven't found a
definitive document, all is too confusing. I must to say
that we have euro support under terminal but no with X's.

These are the version of X's and kde:

ii  xfree86-common 4.1.0-7        X Window System (XFree86)
ii  xserver-xfree8 4.1.0-7        the XFree86 X server
ii  kdebase     KDE core applications   

That's all, thanks in advance!!    


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