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Re: Flash & Konqueror -- Coexistence in Question

On Thursday 25 October 2001 03:09 pm, Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
> > Try going to Control Center, File Browsing, File Associations. Expand
> > "application". Pick x-shockwave-flash. Pick the "Embedding" tab. Mine was
> > set to "Use settings for 'application' group". I changed that to "Show
> > files in embedded viewer". I think I also had to add or move to the top
> > the "Netscape plugin viewer" in the Services Preferences Order. For good
> > measure I repeated this treatment for the "futuresplash" entry, also in
> > the "application" group.
> I've tried this before... First of all it shouldnt be necessary, second of
> all it freezes konqueror next time I visit a flash site. Ofcouse I usually
> have the plugin registered multiple times, becouse of the before mentioned
> bug, so that might be what makes konqueror krash.

FWIW, I've never experienced any konq crashes that I could attribute to a 
flash animation.

I do have the plugin registered multiple times. Any idea how to fix that? I 
couldn't find a bug report listed for that issue.

I'm not too familiar with the KDE file association business. Why should 
adjusting the file associations be unnecessary? I would appreciate it if you 
could point me to some (technical) KDE documentation that explains how all 
that works.

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