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Fwd: kde virus-like menu masher

Hi all,

This situation was mentioned on debian-user some time ago, but not answered.  
If this isn't the appropriate list, please let me know and I'll go elsewhere.

I just did a fresh install of woody on my son's machine by using a 2.2r2 cd 
to install a base system, then apt-get upgrade then apt-get distupgrade.  I 
then installed x-window-system along with icewm and eterm.  So far so good.

I then installed the kdebase packages and selected kde applications (plus 
some additional non-kde apps).  The only things that show on the menu are 
packages that would be listed with a search on the packages page for 
descriptions using the search criteria "kde".  Even such as Gimp, eterm, 
xterm, don't appear.

On my machine, the kdm log-in gives a choice of default, icewm, and failsafe. 
 On the new install, only default and failsafe appear.

I'm a debian newbie (migrated from Corel Linux about a year ago) and haven't 
a clue where to begin to figure this out.  Any help would be appreciated.

The machine is a 450 mhz, k6 with 128 mb ram.


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Subject: kde virus-like menu masher
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 09:38:57 +1100 (EST)
From: Nick Croft <nicko@acay.com.au>
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org


Half the attraction of debian is the menu-update system which is activated
by apt-get or relatives.

I've been happily working away and using either WindowMaker Afterstep or E,
mainly WindowMaker. On another machine I installed kde (kdebase_4%3a2.0.1-4)
last December, and had no probs. Liked konqueror.

Yesterday I put (on the main machine) kdebase 4: and other k

I found it to be very intrusive, rather like a M$ product. It took over my
desktop immediately without giving me the option of changing to it. Then it
rewrote my menus, apparently overriding the menu-update script, such that
 only k-* programs appeared in the menus. I restarted X back into WindowMaker
 and found I only had half a dozen options in the menu. I apt-got something
 to activate the menu-update thingy, (which I thought was supposed to find
 everything with a menu file) but still only had the k-approved items and the
 new one.

Since then I've purged all kstuff, but the menus are no better.

I've been rewriting /etc/X11/WindowMaker/menu.hook _manually_, but I need to
keep a copy of it because any further installs wipe it out and substitute the
kversion of the menus.

I've looked at the man pages for update-menus and menufile and read the
/usr/doc/menu/html tutorial, but can't find the answer. Something seems to be
overriding the system.

I guess I can apt-get something, then use 'find' to see what's been moodified
in the last 2 minutes and check that way.

Sorry for the long ramble.

Give kde the miss.


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