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Configuration Corrupt

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Hi ppl,

I've just experienced a very weird configuration crash. I have no idea why it 
happened, and no I haven't looked in the configuration code in kdebase very 
closely. :)

First, there appears to be no filesystem corruption. It _may_ be due to 
malfunctioning of configuration caching. But as I have said I haven't found 
any trace of a possible cause. Though, I will be abandoning the 
trouble-on-my-disk ext2 fs as soon as possible. ;) It's time for XFS.

The interesting thing is that I've totally lost configuration of certain 
applications and configuration items, such as fonts. Many applications' 
configurations were totally gone. (such as kdevelop) In kmail, filter 
configurations and most other kmail configs were gone but folders (and mails 
hopefully) stayed.

Do you have any explanation for such a partial loss of kde configuration?

I have a theory:
 For some reason the whole .kde is wiped out, and then the contents of cache 
are dumped.

Would this explain why I still have my konqueror bookmarks and history but 
not (allow cookies? option)

A similar situation had happened to me before with the layout of desktop 
icons. The positions of the icons in the desktop were suddenly resetted.


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