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Re: apt 0.5.4: preferences file

On Sat, Oct 13, 2001 at 08:35:26PM -0400, Bruce Miller wrote:

> Jens, Thanks for the ideas. In fact, today, I did a Google search on
> ``/etc/apt/preferences" and got many of the same results. My German is

Great!. :)

> not as good as my Scandinavian languages (I did post- graduate study in
> Sweden and later married a Norwegian-American whom I met while she was
> majoring in Scandinavian studies) so I read the articles in English,
> French and Danish before venturing into the German.

wow. I'm only fluent in English and I can just barely cope with French if
needs be. Nothing else yet- but I plan to spend a semester in Sweden for my
studies next year. Who knows. Perhaps I'll even learn Swedish.
> The other problem was that the Google results suggested that the
> apt_preferences system appears to have taken the developers some time ..
> ..em to have had trouble understanding the process. I am not surprised. I
> did too.

Yes, I only said I copied this preferences file over verbatim. I didn't say
it was easy to understand or do yourself. ;)
> The following appears to accomplish exactly what I am looking for --
> Thanks again for the help.

No problem. Who knows, tomorrow you may be able to help me. <g>

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