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Re: apt 0.5.4: preferences file

On Sat, 2001-10-13 at 19:27, Bruce Miller wrote:
> I put in a lot of effort yesterday studying the man pages for apt and 
> apt_preferences as well as the APT HOWTO which is buried deep 
> in the Debian website.
> To no avail. apt turned up its nose at my feeble attempt to write a 
> preferences file. I usually beat my head against the brick wall until I 
> figure out obscure documentation but on this one, the patience isn't 
> forthcoming.
> Rather than ask help, if someone has a smoothly functioning 
> /etc/apt/preferences file which they would be willing to share, 
> please e-mail it to me (bruce.miller@ottawa.com) and I will use it 
> to figure out where I went wrong on the concepts.

This question has been asked a lot recently. The list archive has the
answer: There was extensive discussion on the list in June, since man
apt_preferences is not particularly clear on several things.
deb-user@LuftHans.com has cleared a lot of things up for us in this very
helpful post:


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