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Re: kmail and gpg

On Thu, 18 Oct 2001 17:05, David Bishop wrote:
> You probably had that problem before I remembered I hadn't uploaded my key
> to the keyservers :-)  I put all three of them on the mit keyserver about
> three weeks ago, so anyone that uses it or any mirrors should be okay.  Of
> course, if you add the options in your .gpg/options file that Chris was
> talking about, you won't have this problem either :-)  But just to take the
> load of your sholders, I'm attaching my public key so you can just save and
> import it manually.

OK, it gets downloaded now and things are fine.

Also I think that I am being hit by the performance problem you mention, I'm 
using a P3-650 with 66MHz FSB (Thinkpad).  It's not a really fast machine by 
todays standards...

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