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Re: KMail and Outlook?

On Sat, 20 Oct 2001, Franz Keferboeck wrote:

> University with "Windows-only"-attachments (M$-Word-files, ...) and she's

Install Star Office 5.2, configure the .doc link in KDE, and then you can
click from KMail and read in Star Office. It's going to be slow,
unreliable, and may not work in all cases, but it will certainly better
than rebooting to Windows. 

> tired saving the attachnents and rebooting - just to open the file! Is there
> a possibility to share the mail-folders between lin & win. It would be best
> to be able to do this with KMail and Outlook (Express and "normal"), but also
> other solutions qould be possible! Thnx in advance

`leave mail on server' could be another option.

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