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Re: ok...my curiosity is getting to me...

On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 02:50:19PM -0700, David Bishop wrote:
> On Thursday 18 October 2001 12:44 pm, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> > where's the final totals and all on this gift?  You got my curiosity going
> > and I'm going crazy... heh. :)
> >
> > /me runs off to go break more stuff...
> People who've donated (I *know* I'm missing some names because I'm at work 
> and I don't have the envelopes of the people who send it directly.  Also the 
> German's just gave me one big check. Don't be shy, if I missed you, tell me!).
> Paypal contributors:
> Jaye, Griz & Pat Inabnit
> Steve Sharp
> Donald Spoon
> Christopher Dean
> Robert Snyder
> Yifang Dai
> Michael Repass
> Nigel Pauli
> Toby Milne
> Dan Plaster
> David Kuntz
> James Morton
> Marc Branchaud
> Patricia Scott
> Assorted Swiss People
> for a total of $382.67
> Directly To Me:
> David Nielsen
> Matthias Schulz (on behalf of all the Germans, some listed below)
> Hendrik Naumann
> Andreas Trottmann
> Michael Spanier
> Malte Cornils
> Jens Benecke
> A Guy From Singapore who sent me $50 in Singapore dollars :-)
> for a total of $300
> for a grand total of $682.67!!!!!!
> So, as we agreed the bulk of this is going to the Make The Wife Happy Fund 
> (his, not mine :-) so how much should we tie up in a REI gift-certificate 
> (thus assuring he will spend some of this on himself)?  I was previously 
> thinking $50, but I'm leaning towards $100 now.  And no, Ivan, you have very 
> little to no say in this :-)

Holy crap!  Thanks to you all. :)

BTW...my wife also likes REI so you can always just dump it all there. :)


who say's there ain't good people in the world. :)

Ivan E. Moore II
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