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How to upgrade to KDE 2.2.1 - a not quite newbies' guide

I have been ``doing Linux" in all available spare time for the last ten days 
or so and have had little or no time to follow the three Debian mailing lists I 
regularly monitor. If this has already been covered, please bear with me.

Scanning subject lines quickly, I see there is still traffic on how to upgrade 
to KDE 2.2.1 without upgrading one's complete system to unstable. Some 
of this is from true beginners to Debian. I have read good answers; I have 
read other answers that could get an inexperienced user into grief. I know -
-- I have been there in the last few weeks :-).

In an attempt to offer back something (that is within my scope; I am not a C 
programmer) for the help that I have received, I have drafted a not-quite 
newbie's guide to creating a ``mixed" Debian system, using the upgrade to 
KDE 2.2.1 as an example. I have put in markers to insert hyperlinks to the 
Debian GNU/Linux FAQ on Debian packages, the APT HOWTO in the 
DDP (Debian Documentation Project) and several other relevant 
documents. My guide aims to be less formal and more of a straight recipe 
in the style of the NHF that used to appear on www.linuxnewbie.org while 
that site used to be consistently maintained.

Bearing in mind that this is version 0.01 of a document, I would welcome 
comments and criticism. I believe that it is not etiquette to post a 12.8 KB 
.xhtml attachment to a mailing list, but I will e-mail a copy to anyone 

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